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Urban setting

Trained to kill demons, she never thought she’d join their side.


Seventeen-year-old Nova Fandera has always known her duty to bring honor to her family by becoming an Undivided—a demon hunter bonded to and given strength by an angel—but as desperate as she is to prove herself, she is kept trapped within the confines of her father’s estate with no explanation as to why. When she hears of the coming blood moon—a rare night when demons feed off the moon's essence and become stronger—Nova recklessly escapes, determined to bring the head of a powerful demon to her father’s doorstep. What she doesn’t expect, however, is the aid of her enemy and a deal offered: answers to the questions her father won’t even acknowledge in return for training six young half-human, half-demons. But hunters don’t make deals with devils. That is, unless they’re left with no other choice.


Nova soon discovers that her questions about her identity and family’s history are more than what she bargained for. A unique and powerful artifact that heeds her call, a mystical lotus tattoo, memories of other lives, and lost love… The mysteries keep piling up with no end in sight.


When a faceless Darkness threatens her from chasing after these answers, Nova risks everything she’s ever known and teams up with the very beings she was raised to hate. 


Yet the journey is only just beginning. A lifetime of lies and betrayals is unraveling with the red string of fate, leading Nova to a truth no one is prepared for. One that screams for retribution and cries for the lost. But Darkness will do anything to stop her—even if that means destroying the world.


Found Family

Demons and Angels


Star-crossed love


Good vs. Evil and the gray area inbetween

Ancient Artifact

Strings of Fate

Thousand-year-old secrets unraveling

Magic Powers

1st Person POV w/ multiple characters

No Smut

Dark Truths

Found Friends

Strong AND Soft characters

Chosen One

Absent Parents

Dark Truths

Religious & Mythological Elements

Anti - Villains

Interracial Couple

Passages from the Book

All this pent-up anger toward my father still simmers within me, but now that the wind has had its way, it seems to pat me on the back as if to say good job.

I press my thumb against the blade. Short, dull. Great, this is just fantastic. The amazing angelic artifact my father wants to destroy, the one I had an epic vision about, is no better than a butter knife.

The butterfly disperses into a cloud of black ash, and I take a step back. Where it once flew, a figure now stands on the spire of a church just beyond the parking ramp. Fabric floats around him in the wind, a shadow outlined by the red tears of the moon. A prince of the night without his wings.

       A tear falls down my cheek. 

       How do I know you?

He with no name but Darkness. For I would never call such a thing a king, a savior, or holy.

I'm not completely insane for coming here, right? I mean, who would stay in a place that chains you up? Then again, I have no idea how this night will end...

An indescribable sensation washes over me as I listen, like a wave crashing down on my unprepared heart. I know this song. But the words are lost in my memories


Potential TW


- Religious Aspects


- Flips narrative between 

  good and evil

- Prejudice

- Microaggression

- Religious Persecution 


- Emotional Abuse

- Trivializing Mental Health

- Controlling Parents

- Scars

- Child Abandonment


- Burning People (only mention/nondescriptive)

- Physical Abuse

- Escalating Violence

- Death of a Loved One (only mention/nondescriptive)

- Violence Against Children

- Described Blood


- Female Oppression

- Kidnapping and Abduction

*While I've listed these TW, the majority of BOTL is not extremely graphic or heavy on these topics.

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