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Early Life

Adrian Bishop

"My father always told me, "as a hunter, you have a duty to obey"—a verse engraved in my mind before I could even understand what it meant. Yet, standing at the edge of these woods with my mind set on the mission I've recklessly planned, I've realized one thing. No matter how hard I try, I am not the daughter who obeys."

Adrian is Nova's childhood best friend in Undivided the Series. 

Adrian is introduced in Blood of the Lotus after returning from a year-long classified mission. He is loyal to a fault, and the only friend Nova ever had within the clan due to her father's tight restrictions. 



Early Life

Adrian has always been known as the hunter clan's protégé due to his skills from a young age. As the first and only son to Willian Bishop—the right hand to the leader of the hunters—there has always been a great deal of responsibility on his shoulders. And with Solomon Fandera's constant approval, he rapidly gained respect and recognition, Nova even commenting to herself that he takes after her father more than she does in both looks and morals. 

However, despite his recognition in the clan, he's seen more as a tool than a son. Something he doesn't reveal to anyone, including Nova. Instead, his training sessions with Nova since they were little were always his reprieve from everything he never spoke about.

In Blood of the Lotus, we also see a dynamic with his parents that speak for itself. His quiet mother that does not protect him from his strict and rigid father whom he cannot refuse. It's safe to assume their relationship was the same in his early life as it is in the present.

Blood of the Lotus -
Synopsis so beware of spoilers


Adrian Bishop

Biographical information

Born                    June 8th - Gemini


  • Adrian Bishop

  • The Clans Protégé (By Nova)

Physical Description

Species                   Human / Undivided

Gender                    Male

Height                     6'1 - 185cm

Hair Color               Blond

Eye Color                Golden Brown

Skin Tone               Lightly Tanned

Family Information



  • Willian (Father)

  • Unnamed (Mother)

  • Theo (Cousin)

Special Characteristics

Hunter Class Rankings

  • Trained in all 6 Hunter Classes

  • Warrior (Level 5)

  • Dragoon (Level 5)

  • Artificer (Level 1)

  • Tamer (Level 1)

  • Healer (Level 1)

  • Exorcist (Level 2)


  • Undivided Abilities:

    • Heightened Senses

    • Heightened Agility

    • Stronger



  • Demon Hunter


  • The Hunters

We first see a divide between the two childhood friends when Nova compares herself to him, another consistent theme in their friendship when she's just as strong as he is but is kept within the Fandera Estate—something he seemingly doesn't recognize or is unwilling to believe. 

At the beginning of Blood of the Lotus, Adrian is first introduced when Nova is supposed to be studying in the library. He had just returned from a year-long classified mission abroad and she was the first person he wanted to see. It's hard to tell in the start how he views Nova, whether it's as a little sister or someone he holds dear, but it's clear that he tries in his own way to look out for her—even if his loyalties to her father often get in the way of that.


We don't see much of Adrian until he appears while Nova is training with Lance to say that he was chosen by Archangel Michael after his angelic trials. As Archangel Michael is highly selective of whom he chooses to bond with, this turning point thickens the rift between Adrian and Nova. When we see him next, he's relaying a message to Nova from her father to follow orders for once—Adrian already aware that she knows there's a Blood Moon. This sparks an argument before we finally see from Adrian's POV.

From his POV we meet his cadre, the hunters sanctioned under him now that he's an Undivided. We begin to see better not only how Adrian truly feels about Nova, but the weight of his position and how other hunters view Nova. 

After dismissing his cadre, he travels home where he finds Theo waiting for him in his room. His cousin begs to join the patrol, and while Adrian refuses to bring him his father enters and commands that he does. Left with no choice, Adrian preps for the night ahead, worried Nova would disregard what he said and escape the estate.

The next time we see Adrian is again through his POV when he hears a loud crash from the parking ramp and his team heads to the sound where they find Nova, collapsed. Adrain spots her first, a cloaked figure hovering above her. Before he can even raise his weapons, the figure is gone—only a piece of cloth is left behind. When the cadre arrives, Eva—the healer of the group—begins working on her injuries just to keep Nova alive. Adrian doesn't see Nova again until her own angelic trials, in which he tries to offer a comforting hand that is rejected. 

He is there for her, however, when she awakens after her angelic trials. Nova lays it out straight for him, being clear about what her reality is like—one he's choosing not to see. But after what Adrian witnessed during her trials, and how her father chose to handle it afterward, he begins to show an understanding. But even when he comforts her after she tries destroying the Fandera Estate, promising he'd help her in any way he can, we see from Nova's POV that it's not enough. And based on her choice, Adrian is the one who watches her get swept away into nothing.

Finding the note Nova left behind for him stating that it was in fact her choice and to not look for her, he hides it from everyone knowing how it'd implicate her. But when she's announced missing and Adrian is put in charge of her search and rescue, he goes against her letter. His team, however, keeps coming up short. It isn't until Archangel Michael drops to him that he can lead him to her that he finally finds her location and breaks the protective barrier around the Moonlit Chateáu. He begs for Nova to come back with him, that he'll forgive and forget what she did, but she doesn't agree to that. They battle it out before Adrian drops to his knees and lets his greatsword fall, and we watch as the final strands of their relationship shatter with this betrayal.


Adrian leaves with his cadre, giving up on Nova.

From his POV we see him hold what would be a gift to Nova as Archangel Michael offers that she is what they're fighting against.

The last scene Adrian is in, we see him assembling his cadre as the Krav attack the Fandera Estate—Solomon rushing out to tell him to end the strange creature. When the fighting finishes, Solomon commands him to find Nova and help her in the search for the Lotus Pond.

Physical Appearance

Adrian is described as having golden blond hair and amber eyes. Nova references that he looks more like her father than she does with his sharp jawline, tall frame, and strong body. It's also noted that in the year he had been away he had grown into more manly features while still holding onto his boyish charm. 

Personality Traits

Adrian's personality has two very different sides.

With Nova, he is playful and cheerful. He likes to tease and poke fun at her but clearly loves her a lot. At times he comes across as more loyal to the clan and her father, but in his mind, it's in her best interest.

As Adrian, the protégé of the clan bonded to Archangel Michael, he is not as open or bright. In fact, we see a harsher, more reserved, and stricter side of him. We also see that much of his loyalty comes from the command of his father Willian—despite Adrian being of age and recognized within the clan his father's words are seen to be hard to go against.


Adrian is also shown to not be as close with the members of his cadre. While he is said to have trained with Aril, it's clear that a line has been drawn between him and them. Some of it might come from seeing firsthand how they view Nova—a perspective he knows not to be true—but he is also the youngest of them with the most power and command even without being bonded to Archangel Michael. A position that seems to weigh heavier on him than what he shows in front of his cadre, the clan, and Nova. 

Powers and Abilities

Outside of the standard Undivided abilities—increased strength, agility, healing, etc—Adrian has yet to show us what it means to be bonded with Archangel Michael.

As a hunter, however, Adrian is highly skilled and considered one of the best for his age. His main classification is Warrior, and we mainly see him fight with a greatsword he named Severance. As his father is the right hand to Solomon Fandera, the leader of the clan, Adrian has trained in each of the six classifications but chose to follow the path of a Warrior with Dragoon as his second class of choice.

While strong, it is noted that during his and Nova's sparring sessions, she has beaten him more than a few times.


Adrian Bishop, son to the right hand of the hunter's clan, is a highly skilled protégé and close friend to Nova Fandera.

Nova Fandera

My father always told me, "as a hunter you have a duty to obey".

   - Nova about Solomon

Nova Fandera is Adrian's childhood best friend. Having grown up together, they share a very close bond. However, as they got older and he kept moving forward while she remained behind, a rift formed between them.

Still, this bond continues to be a driving force for both of them—especially Adrian, despite all that happens in Blood of the Lotus.


Willian Bishop


"Secrets, lies, betrayal. Humans are so fickle."

   - Amon to Nova

Willian Bishop is Adrian's father. Their relationship, though only shortly seen, paints a picture of a strained father-son dynamic. Willian's word seems to be law, Adrian unable to go against him.

Solomon Fandera

"Isn't that the point? You poor girl. They hide everything from you."

   - Rishu to Nova

Solomon Fandera is someone Adrian highly respects and is loyal to. He will listen to whatever Solomon commands and feels honored to be put on classified missions despite his age. Later on, however, he begins to question Solomon's intentions after seeing how Nova is treated.


Theo Bishop


"You're strong for a human."

   - Azura to Nova

Theo Bishop is the cousin of Adrian. Despite also being a Bishop, Adrian does not respect the attitude and actions of Theo. Theo on the other hand hates being compared to his protégé cousin but secretly looks up to him. This altogether makes for a very distant relationship.


"I am called Zerachiel, God's command that has long been forgotten."

   - Zerachiel to Nova

Aril is Adrian's second in command of his cadre. Despite being five years older than Adrian, the two trained together since Adrian was years ahead of his peers. 

Aril, however, still seems to listen and respect Adrian as his Undivided.




"There is another way, my child."

   - Uriel to Nova

Cain is Adrian's third in command, his position made after playing a strong role in the search for Nova. 

The two aren't extremely close, or even friends, but Cain seems determined to do whatever is needed for Adrian. Something that is a little off-putting at times for Adrian.


Callan is one of the seven hunters in Adrian's cadre after he becomes an Undivided. The two share a very leader and subordinate type relationship.


"There is another way, my child."

   - Uriel to Nova



"There is another way, my child."

   - Uriel to Nova

Anders is one of the seven hunters in Adrian's cadre after he becomes an Undivided. The two share a very leader and subordinate type relationship.



"There is another way, my child."

   - Uriel to Nova

Roman is one of the seven hunters in Adrian's cadre after he becomes an Undivided. The two share a very leader and subordinate type relationship.


"There is another way, my child."

   - Uriel to Nova


Ewan is one of the seven hunters in Adrian's cadre after he becomes an Undivided. The two share a very leader and subordinate type relationship.


Eva is one of the seven hunters in Adrian's cadre after he becomes an Undivided. She is the only woman on his team and it's clear that the attitude towards her is somewhat different compared to how other members are treated.


"There is another way, my child."

   - Uriel to Nova

Archangel Michael

"There is another way, my child."

   - Uriel to Nova

Archangel Michael is the angel Adrian was chosen by in his angelic trials. Adrian's status within the clan increased when he was chosen by Michael, however, the two share a strange relationship. Michael often has the information Adrian wants but seems to have his own agenda, only revealing it when he desires.


  • Severance - The greatsword he namely uses in battle.

  • Archangel Michael's Angelic Artifact - A gold ring worn on his thumb. 


Adrian comes from the former river Adria s from the Venetic and Illyrian word adur meaning "sea" or "water" or "son of Adria". Its Greek origin can also mean "rich". Some, however, consider Adrian to mean "dark one" or "black".

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