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Early Life


"You're quieter than the others," I say.
His eyes open as he turns to me with a smile that tugs at my heart. "I have to little to say."
I chuckle. "I doubt that. You seem—" I hesitate, my thoughts scrambling to describe what I see when I look at him. "Somehow, I think you've experienced the worst the world can offer."

Luka is the main love interest in Undivided the Series.

In Blood of the Lotus, Luka is introduced as one of the six cambions Nova is set to train per her agreement with Amon. Luka is an enigmatic character and is seen as having a close, unknown connection with Nova—one that isn't discovered until near the end of the book when his identity and shared history with Nova are revealed.



Early Life

Luka was an archangel in the Heavens before his fall to Earth where he eventually became the King of Gehenna (Hell). 

From an early existence, Luka was a beloved
 angel and reigned as one of the seven archangels beside God for many centuries. However, when the new godling was instated and Lucifer was knocked from his position as one of the Seven Archangels, disagreements and conflicts ensued between him, God, and his siblings.  

For years, he combated the new reign in the Heavens but he remained an angel. Only when he left for Earth as a reprieve from fighting with his siblings did he meet the human girl Aysu, whom he eventually fell in love with after she and her parents took him in and cared for his injuries. It was this love, however, that deepened the rift between Lucifer and the Heavens. A human and an angel shouldn't fall in love, but they did, and Lucifer was punished for it—as was the human girl.



Biographical information

Born                    N/A

Age                     ??


  • Luka (Current Name)

  • Lucifer

  • Helel

Physical Description

Species                   Angel / Devil

Gender                    Male

Height                     5'11 - 181cm

Hair Color               Black

Eye Color                Silver

Skin Tone               Lightly Tanned

Family Information



  • Uriel (Sister)

  • Zerachiel (Brother)

  • Azrael (Brother)

  • Barachiel (Brother)

Special Characteristics


  • Manipulate Light and Shadows

  • Form Portals

  • Summon Zin

  • Black Butterfly Familiars

    • Can see through them.​



  • King of Gehenna

  • The Devil


  • Nova

  • Gehenna

  • Amon

Thus started the war in which Lucifer fell from the Heavens and became the King of Hell. Blinded by his rage, and desperate to protect Aysu, he made a fatal mistake. Absent from Aysu's side while fighting and raising a demonic army allowed the human hunters to capture and hold her hostage where she was eventually killed by them.

In the aftermath, Lucifer ruled in Gehenna for a short while before disappearing entirely—and thought dead by most hunters and demons.

Blood of the Lotus - Synopsis so beware of spoilers

At the beginning of Blood of the Lotus, Luka is first introduced when Nova meets the cambions she's meant to train. Immediately there is a connection between the two characters, however, he remains as a mysterious entity to both Nova and the other cambions. Like most of the other members in the Moonlit Chatâeu, Luka keeps to himself, avoiding Nova, and the others, while keeping to the shadows and often seeming to be lost in his own thoughts.

The first solo interaction occurs when Nova catches him outside in the middle of the night after she finished training Meena. She described him as hypnotizing, even wondering if that was one of his abilities as she felt drawn to approach him. However, when she does appear before him he seems both shocked and at ease—gifting her the white rose he had been holding. As Nova is a hunter, she's thrown off by him and starts to somewhat avoid him as well. It's only when she hears a familiar song played on the piano that she discovers Luka again and the black vines around her lotus tattoo grow immensely. Her suspicion against Luka increases, yet she feels entirely calm when he's around—which is described when he asks her to meet him in the garden.

In the garden, we begin to see an inkling of his powers as he creates sparks of light that bounce through the air and spark against the flowers. 


Luka's true personality and intentions start to shine through when he offers to be the one to spar one on one with Nova. He's more playful and more skilled than Nova ever guessed, and his teasing causes her to blush.


When the Moonlit Chatâeu is found by Adrian and his cadre, Nova finally realizes that Luka had been the figure she saw on the night of the Blood Moon. She doesn't question it in the moment, wanting to deal with the hunters alone first, but is confused by his actions and why he seems so worried. She's even more distraught when he's the one who comes to comfort her after the cambions discover her true identity as a hunter. Nova bravely asks who he really is, which shocks Luka and he doesn't answer.

Luka seems like a soft, gentle character through Nova's POV, however, we see his darker side when she's taken by Camus. Even the cambions are confused by the sudden change, and why Rishu takes commands from him. While his sole POV is short, we see his true intentions, and that there's more than what meets the eye when it comes to him.

Through a portal that Luka forms, thus being shown another one of his abilities, he finds Nova in Camus's dimension. His darker side shines through after finding Nova injured, but before he can fully retaliate Camus reveals that he's the False King, Lucifer. 

As the fight ensues and Nova is stabbed, Luka stays by her side—more distraught than we've ever seen him. When they're safely back at Amon's building, Luka helps Nova through a panic attack before trying to leave her side again. She, however, starts asking the questions that have been on her mind. Luka tells her the truth and shows her their shared past by walking through his memories with her. We discover that he once fell in love with a human girl named Aysu, a relationship the Heavens disapproved of that led to his fall, how he became the King of Gehenna, and eventually Aysu's death during the war. He tells Nova that she is her reincarnated, something that Nova already guesses. He also states that the reason he found her was to help her break the curse God put on her for loving him, and that he doesn't expect anything from her in return—he just wants to fix the mistakes of the past. 

Heartbroken, yet still longing for each other—a complicated dynamic forms between them. Luka joins Nova and the others to the Fandera Estate, leaving his familiar black butterfly on Nova to keep watch on her. As soon as it shatters when Nova escapes, she comes crashing into his arms. As the group escapes from Falgens, Luka becomes the driver and we learn that both his and Rishu's teleportation skills are limited.

Back at Amon's building, the tension between him and Nova only continues to grow but it's almost overshadowed by the soft, sad smile he always seems to wear. Luka voices that he wishes he could just run away with her, which Nova shoots down, instead making him pinky promise that he'll keep fighting even if something happens to her.

Luka then goes on to talk about his siblings that are bonded with Nova, confused as to how Zerachiel is still alive. He also gives us a brief insight into how the Heavens, God, and the angels function.

This peace is short-lived when the Camus attacks Amon's building with his Krav army. There's hesitancy to Luka fighting, but he does so at Nova's request. He's also the one who convinces Nova that at the moment they can't win against the surprise attack and also helped with convincing her to leave with only him and the cambions through one of his portals. 

Physical Appearance

Luka is described as having slightly tanned skin that radiates in the sun, with jet black hair, a sharp and angular face, and silver eyes like the moon. His hair is often described as hanging low in front of his eyes. He tends to wear black and carries himself with a casual elegance.


His key accessories are his numerous pieces of silver jewelry, including a single earring and a variety of rings. The two rings that stand out, however, are the gold bands set with an emerald gem on his pinky and the ring finger of his right hand. He is described as being the second tallest out of the cambions, coming in behind Tevari. His voice is described as deep and sweet like honey.

Personality Traits

Luka is described as cold and mysterious upon the first meeting. He has a strange draw on Nova, one she questions if it has something to do with his demonic powers. Luka keeps his distance from everyone at the start, while also taking interest in Nova. He's calm, collected, and sweet—a persona he can hide behind in the Moonlit Chatâeu. Later, as the story progresses, he's often described as having a soft, sad smile when he looks at Nova. 

Luka is also highly protective, and his darker side comes out when Nova is in danger. He will do anything for her. It does, however, also create a gap between him and the cambions. He also radiates power and authority when he's not masking them, which can be seen in both his single POV and when he's speaking with Amon. And despite his perceived history, Luka is immensely loyal and will always ask for consent before doing anything,

However, because of his past, his heart is very guarded. He is scared to love again and brushes it off as just making up for his mistakes and protecting Nova in this life.

Powers and Abilities

Like his masked personality, Luka also doesn't readily use his abilities for unknown reasons. The few times he does are short-lived and make him grimace.

The first ability Nova notices is how he can seemingly hide within shadows, however, the first he shows her in the garden are sparks of light. Beautiful, but causing no harm. Of course, this makes her more curious about his abilities. 

When Nova is kidnapped, we see a brief shockwave of darker energy as well as the jaws of a giant beast. This beast later appears again when Camus attacks Amon's building, and we learn it's a creature—assumed to be his familiar—from Gehenna named Zin. Luka also uses black butterflies to keep watch on Nova, the tiny creatures appearing and bursting into ash throughout Blood of the Lotus

In the final battle of book one, we see him summon his angelic wings as well as create a second portal—the first time only seen by the cambions. This, however, is extremely taxing on him and Nova aids him in forming it.


Luka is the main love interest in Undivided the Series and is a character with a complicated past and history with other characters.

Nova Fandera

"It's okay," he whispers into my ear, "I'm here."

   - Luka to Nova

Nova Fandera is Luka's love interest throughout the series. Nova sees Luka as a mysterious person she can't help but be drawn to. He is an enigma in her life for the calm she feels when he's around despite his demonic ancestry. 

Later, when his identity is revealed, she can't even blame him but is also lost on what she should do moving forward in their relationship.



"Yes, my king."

   - Amon to Luka


Amon is a master manipulator when it comes to his relationship with Luka. He is a pawn in his game, and he will do whatever he needs to get what he wants. Amon sees Luka as the key pawn in stopping the war he sees in his mind.

In Blood of the Lotus, Amon makes a deal with Luka to bring Nova to his side in return for Luka fighting in this war. Amon recognizes Luka as his king, however, does not hold back in showcasing his own authority and power—even being brave enough to tease and taunt Luka.

Rishu Nagajaran

Rishu is a subordinent to Luka. He follows Luka's commands, his personality immediately switching when Luka reclaimed his authority amongst the group—seen when the hunters and Camus attack.

In Blood of the Lotus the two don't share many interactions, but there does seem to be at least some respect that Rishu shows Luka.


The Cambions

Lei Jing.JPEG

In Blood of the Lotus, the cambions start as a nonconsequential relationship with Luka. They're just part of the deal he made with Amon to get what he desires. The five cambions, however, view Luka as they view each other. He's just another one like them. That is until they start to notice and feel the glaring differences between them—most clearly shown when he takes charge and Rishu obeys. 

Later in book one, their relationship starts to shift as they become closer acquaintances, however, even they recognize that he seems to only ever care about Nova. This does cause some rifts between them as they don't have the same sense of respect and loyalty to the rulers of Hell as full-blooded demons do. It also lets them speak their minds without care.

In the end, though, Luka knows the five of them are important to Nova which in turn makes them worth protecting as well.


Zerachiel is Luka's long-thought-dead brother. Later in Blood of the Lotus, Luka recounts how he and all the other angels believed their brother had died when he was nowhere to be felt or found in The Heavens or on Earth.


After discovering that he is still alive from Nova, we begin to see how much Luka respects and misses his brother. While they don't directly interact in the first book, it's clear that Luka holds his brother dearly in his heart even if he believes he doesn't deserve to see any of his siblings.

Screen Shot 2023-02-05 at 10.32.42 PM.png

Archangel Uriel


Archangel Uriel is Luka's sister. They both had been Archangels at the same time before his fall, so though they do not interact directly in Blood of the Lotus it's clear that Luka respects his sister and believes he does not deserve her forgiveness. 

He describes his sister beautifully, with admiration in his eyes when he speaks of her. 


  • Gold Rings - Two gold rings with an emerald gem set in the band. He wears one on his pinky finger and the other on his ring finger—both on his right hand.


Luka is a name that means "light" or "bringer of light". This name was chosen by the author to elude to his true identity as Lucifer, which means "shining one" or "light-bearer". Luka has gone through a few names over the centuries, such as Helel (the morning star), a name used when he met Aysu and the reason for the Blood Moon's second name The Night of Helel, but he now prefers the simple and modern name, Luka.

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