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Ever since last year I've wanted to strive to be healthier. Make healthier choices, exercise more, drink more water, etc. While I've accomplished a lot of these goals, it hasn't felt like enough.

But while visiting in the USA, a family friend introduced me to her recipe for a delicious morning shake, which I've now named the GREEN GODDESS MORNING SHAKE. And because I've found it so beneficial to my health, I wanted to share it with all of you!

{Full disclosure, I'm not a nutritionist I just like the way this drink makes me feel in the morning. Also, I do know that this drink is pretty pricey, but for me, it's worth it.}

This shake is full of nutrients, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and everything you could possibly want in a health drink. Plus it tastes AMAZING! For the past two weeks, I've been continuously drinking this every morning and have noticed a change in my energy and overall well being. My hormones feel more balanced, skin glowing, and I have a lot more energy in the morning! As more weeks go by I can't wait to see if I feel even more change!

~Recipe is listed at the bottom~

PLNT Plant Protein Powder is a raw protein blend that is complete with lots of Amino acids that are earth-friendly and sourced in nature. It contains 19g of protein to supplement in the morning.

Vital Protein Collagen Peptides promotes a youthful appearance, elasticity and hydration to the skin, healthy joints and bones, and hair and nail support with the loads of amino acids it contains.

(PLNT Protein Powder) ($38 for 2lbs)

(Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides) ($43)

Navitas Organic Tumeric is a super nutritious superfood that keeps you energized all day long while balancing your system.

Amazing Grass Wheat Grass is 100% whole leaf powder with an abundance of rich nutrients to provide for your daily greens intake. It provides natural energy, promotes detox, helps Alkalize, aids digestion, and supports immunity.

Green Foods Matcha is a soluble blend of premium Japanese Matcha combined with nutritious brown rice solids. It provides natural caffeine, antioxidants to defend against aging, inflammation, contains chlorophyll to detoxify the body and balance alkalinity, and brown rice solids provide sustained energy as well as healthy glucose and cholesterol levels.

(Navitas Organic Tumeric Powder) ($12 for 8oz)

(Amazing Grass Organic Wheatgrass Powder) ($20 for 8.5oz)

(Green Foods Ceremonial Grade Matcha) ($14 for 5.5oz)

Whole Granules Bee Pollen contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, phytosterols, fatty acids, and enzymes that promote liver health, reduced inflammation, strengthens the immune system, speed up healing, and relieves stress.

Chia and Flax seeds are both loaded with nutrients and antioxidants to promote lower blood pressure, high-quality protein, omega 3 fats, rich in dietary fiber, and may improve cholesterol.

Coconut Oil (Aceite de Coco) boosts energy while promoting a healthy liver, good cholesterol, aids digestion, anti-aging components, and helps with weight loss.

(YS Eco Bee Farms Bee Pollen) ($38 for 3 16oz bottles)

Spinach (Espinaca) is a good source of Vitamins K, A, and C, as well as a good source for magnesium, iron, fiber, calcium, and B2. It promotes skin, hair, and bone health. And while I prefer fresh, frozen doesn't change the taste or nutritional value of it.

Açaí contains two essential fatty acids, omega 6 and omega 9. It promotes healthy skin with extremely high antioxidant levels, reduces bad cholesterol, boosts brain function, boosts energy, and promotes a healthy heart. Add in the guarana contained in Açaí Sport and it also may help to improve skin appearance, lose weight, and reduce fatigue and promote focus as well as boosting all the same things açaí promotes.


The ingredient list may seem long but don't be intimidated by it! It takes me less than 10 minutes in the morning to prepare! And if you decide there is an ingredient you want to add/take out, feel free to experiment! In the past, I've added strawberries, raspberries, and have been wanting to try putting avocado in it! The options are endless!


*listed in the parentheses will be the exact products I'm currently using.

-half a large frozen banana OR 1 whole small banana

-1 cup unsweetened almond milk

-1 scoop vegan protein powder (PLNT Plant Protein in Vanilla or Chocolate)

-1 scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

-1 scoop of wheatgrass (Amazing Grass Organic Wheatgrass)

-a squirt of coconut oil

-a squirt of flaxseed oil (I haven't been able to find this in Paraguay but the original recipe calls for it!)

-1 Tbsp bee pollen in whole granules (Y.S Eco Farms Bee Pollen)

-1 Tbsp chia seed

-1 Tbsp flax seed

-1/2 cup spinach (I use frozen when I can't find fresh)

-1/3 cup frozen acai (Açai Sport DeMarchi)

-1 tsp matcha powder (Green Foods Ceremonial Grade Matcha)

-1 tsp turmeric powder (Navitas Organic Tumeric Powder)

Add them all together in any order, blend it up, and you're done! A delicious, healthy morning shake for you're well being.

For the more specific ingredients, I have listed links below as to where you can find them as well as estimated prices for each as well! I've also written a short little blurb about each ingredient and its benefits!

Here's to healthier days!


Sade Louise



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