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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Who doesn't love cute quality clothes at a cheap price? I know I love to thrift and buy a variety of pieces that showcase my personality at a low cost. Here are my recent finds as well as some of my tips on how I thrift!

Thrifted top, adidas shorts, and white sneakers. Socks and sunnies from Wish.

Look Everywhere!

When most people shop they tend to only look in sections for them (size, gender, etc.). With thrift shopping, why not look in all the sections?

There are so many possibilities while thrifting, between taking an oversized men's shirt and using it as a dress, cropping a large hoodie, even altering pieces and turning them into something else. So with all these possibilities, I've found that I can look in every section and grab things that I like, knowing I can change them. Of course, with altering piece, sometimes you need a sewing machine and the basic knowledge on how to use one, but that doesn't mean there aren't other ways you can wear a piece you normally wouldn't think of wearing.

For myself, I end up looking a lot in the men's T-Shirts and button ups because I've found that I can style them as oversized dresses. Especially when I can find a cute belt to cinch the shirt up, it's become my go-to for this summer.

Thrifted adidas pants and white sneakers. Bandeau from idk. Sunnies from Wish.

Shop Alone

I don't always follow this one, but from experience, I tend to find more things I like when thrifting is the only thing I'm thinking about. Not to say I don't love my friend's opinions, but when you're alone you don't have any distractions.

Also, if you shop with someone who shares a similar style it can be frustrating if they grab something you like but they got to it first.

Thrifted red button up and white sneakers. Jeans from Zara.

Thrifted mens T-Shirt, belt, and white sneakers. Peach socks from Wish.

Take Your Time

What I've found while thrifting, is that I need to be in the right mindset to look through basically all the racks in the store. It can definitely be time-consuming, but when you take your time and look and feel each piece of clothing you can really find some good pieces.

Have Pieces In Mind

To save on time, have something in mind that you're looking for. A great way to do this is to make a Pinterest board on your style. With that, you can always look back on it while you're trying to find pieces that can recreate the looks you've saved. I use this method ALL the time, as my style is always changing and evolving. Plus it works even if you're not thrift shopping.

Thrifted Hawaiian button up and white sneakers. Socks from Forever21. Shorts from Pacsun. Sunnies from Wish.

Thrifted mens dress shirt, belt, and white sneakers. Socks from Forever21.

Don't Be Afraid to Try Things On!

Searching the racks and find something you might like but aren't sure? Try it on! You never know how something might look until you try it on, especially if it caught your attention. See an ugly sweater, too big jacket, anything! Just try it! You might surprise yourself.

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