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SkinCare: Basic Day and Night Routine


My skin is not perfect and I'm no dermatologist, but after struggling with acne for so many years I've discovered a routine that keeps my skin under control. However, most of my acne comes from hormonal changes than have yet to even out within my body. Also please keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to certain products!

Since I was in fifth grade I've dealt with acne. And throughout my middle and high school years I was incredibly self conscious of it even if I tried to not let it bother me. The only plus side of having it when I was younger means it's lessened significantly the older I get. Still, as most people do, my skin will have its days (sometimes weeks) of a bad breakout. Plus, living in Paraguay there aren't as many good skincare stores as I would like. However, I've found products that have made me much more confident in the way my skin looks.

My day and night routines are mostly the same, consistency being a major influence in maintaining my skin. However, I do like to mix things up and try new products if I see a product not having the same effect on my skin anymore. The products listed below have stuck with me for a while now, showing the most benefits for my skin type (which varies a lot but with all the humidity it can get very oily).

If you find yourself using any of these products please let me know! I'd love to hear if this helps any of you with your skin problems!

Step 1:

Happy Bath: Soapberry Cleansing Cream and Foam

Day: When I wake up in the morning I first begin with the Soapberry Cleansing Foam. It's a gentle cleanser that doesn't dry out the skin, while also clearing my face of the access oil I wake up with. This cleanser isn't targeted for people with severe acne, but rather keeps the impurities at bay. I wet my face, put a small dollop of the cleanser on my hands, and rub it in circle motions to thoroughly clean my skin.

Night: To start my night routine I begin with the Soapberry Cleansing Cream. This is a cream makeup remover/cleanser that does a decent job of removing the makeup. First I rub it in with dry hands before going back over with slightly wet fingers to ensure all the residue makeup comes off when I rinse my face. I then follow with the Soapberry Cleansing Foam.

Step 2:

Toner: Apple Cider Vinegar and Water

Day/Night: After cleansing I follow with a homemade toner. In a jar I mix together half apple cider vinegar and half distilled or filtered water, dabbing a cotton ball into the mixture to spread over my skin. You can play around with the mixture amount, 1:1, 1:2, depending on what your skin reacts to better. If a DIY method isn't really your style, I would still recommend finding a toner that works for your skin as it remove any excess dirt and makeup while correcting and balancing your skins ph level.

Step 3:

Tea Tree Oil

Day/Night: Tea tree oil has been a life saver in clearing up my acne. After my toner I use this mixture; about 9 drops of the oil and filling the rest up with water, and let me tell you it's kept my acne more under control than most over the counter products I've tried in the past.

Sometimes, not recommended if your skin is sensitive, when I get a new breakout I will put the oil on without diluting it for a stronger effect.

Step 4:

Essence: Neogen: Real Ferment Micro Essence

Day/Night: When I first tried essence I was unsure of it's effect on my skin, but after using it for a few months I noticed that the more I used it the more my skin began to glow and the less impurities I was getting.

Essentially, essence is used to hydrate the skin (something every skin type needs no matter what) while packing in antioxidants and vitamins to help turn over the skin cells.

I first got this Neogen essence as a sample but have been wanting to get more of it or even try another essence to test the different effects. Either way, I've become a fan of using essences before moisturizing.

Step 5:

Moisturizer: The Chok Chok: Green Tea Watery Cream

Day/Night: Following up after the essence I use The Chok Chok green tea moisturizer. Green tea is great for those who have acne, the antioxidants in it having benefits to rid the skin of impurities. This moisturizer really hydrates the skin, giving you a glow all day long.

Step 6:

Sunscreen: Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid-Lotion Sunscreen with 30 SPF

Day: I am a firm believer, and user, in applying sunscreen everyday even if my makeup has SPF in it. Living in a sunny climate I try and be extra careful in protecting my skin, especially with how sensitive the facial skin can be. But with my problems of breaking out it was difficult to find a decent sunscreen for my face. The Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen has yet to break me out, protects my skin from sun damage, and if I'm being honest it was something I picked up last minute at the store before heading back to Paraguay. Still, if it works it works!


Super Aqua Peeling Gel:

This intensive exfoliator has kept my skin smooth and helps rid of any impurities. Its best used twice a week, my days being Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Use after cleansing the face, waiting for the skin to dry before applying a small dollop and rubbing circles into your skin.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask:

When I feel like my skin needs a bit of extra moisturizer I will apply this night mask instead of my green tea moisturizer. Since it's packed with so many beneficial ingredients it really helps boost the healthy glow in your skin.

Cosrx Acne Pimple Patch

Need a lifesaver for when an unwanted pimple shows up? These pimple patches are the key.

I frequently buy these patches, using them after my night routine and waking with either the pimple gone or majorly reduced. I would definitely suggest giving these a try!

Klavuu Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack:

After finishing my nightly skincare routine and if I see my lips looking for a little bit of love, I'll apply this before going to bed. When I wake in the morning I can feel my lips are ten times softer!

Face Masks:

If you ever need an extra boost or dealt with a hard day, settling down in the evening with a nice sheet mask, or even using a clay mask, can be that boost you need. I tend to prefer sheet masks, loving the blast of hydration for my skin. But this isn't something I know a lot about, though I have always liked the Tony Moly sheet masks.

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