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Early Life


Azura scoffs, her black-tipped brown hair swaying above her shoulders. "Who said I'm gonna train with you?"

Azura is one of the six cambion's Nova is set to train at the start of Undivided the Series. 

Azura is introduced in Blood of the Lotus at the Moonlit Château alongside the other five cambions and is the first to test Nova's abilities by attacking Nova with a surprise fire ball. 



Early Life

Azura's history and early life are yet to be fully introduced.

In Blood of the Lotus, Azura has a slip of the tongue and reveals she was separated from her mother upon entry to the USA and then was tossed around abusive foster homes before being found by Rishu.

Blood of the Lotus -
Synopsis so beware of spoilers

In Blood of the Lotus, Azura is first introduced when Nova jumps to the window she looking out of at the Moonlit Château. Azura is immediately defensive against a human training them and impulsively starts a fight with Nova by attacking with a fireball. The two battle it out with Nova coming out on top by using her Undivided abilities to douse Azura's flames. Azura is both frightened and amazed by Nova's strength.




Biographical information

Born                    August - Leo

Age                     17


  • Azura (Last name Unknown)

Physical Description

Species                   Cambion

Gender                    Female

Height                     5'6 - 167cm

Hair Color               Brown with Black tips

Eye Color                Brown

Skin Tone               Tan

Family Information



  • Demonic Parent: Avnas

  • Unknown Mother

Special Characteristics


  • Pyrokinesis

    • Ability to summon and manipulate fire.



  • To Herself

  • Contract with Amon

We don't see Azura again until Tevari and Meena rush to Nova one morning to aid them in stopping a brawl between Azura and Oliver in the courtyard. It's not discussed what conspired between them, but their battle destroyed the garden and siding of the château. Despite the chaos, Nova uses this opportunity to force them to work with her by cleaning up their mess. She then tells them to prepare for team sparring sessions. This, however, doesn't come until a bit later when Nova reawakens. When the training does begin, Azura is paired with Oliver. Both are disgruntled about being paired but still fight fairly well together as noted by Nova. In the end, however, they lose to Meena and Tevari due to Oliver losing control. 

When training resumes, Azura is adamant that she doesn't need to learn the basics. Nova points out how Azura lets rage consume her when she can't even handle hand-to-hand combat. 

After training and growing closer to each other, things rapidly change when the château is discovered by the hunters. Nova insists on handling it alone, but Azura says they're supposed to fight together—a lesson Nova had been drilling into them. And though Azura does end up fighting alongside the others, when Nova's secret identity as a demon hunter is revealed, the pain of the betrayal burns bright in Azura's eyes. She's the first to call Nova out on her lies and is one of the least trusting again—even to the point of saying everyone has a sob story, a fact that doesn't give her the right to lie. 

Still, despite the hurt, when Nova is kidnapped to Camus's dimension she joins Luka in aiding her rescue. With fire ablaze, Azura is once again knocked down by the revelation of Luka's true identity.

The group fights their newly found enemy, the Krav, and eventually escapes the horrid dimension. They all return to Amon's building to recover, Nova is surprised to find that Azura is excitedly raving about the battle, even asking her when she was planning to teach them those skills. Nova then catches Azura and the others up on what happened and the things she learned. 

As they're discussing, Nova reveals a book back at the Fandera Estate that might aid them in answers. Forming a plan to return home, Azura joins in on the mission alongside the others. She and the others wait outside, but when Nova's commotion turns into a runaway escape, Rishu is injured. With their combined effort, they save him from the angelic bullet threatening his life—Azura cauterizing the wound with her fire. 

When the group returns to Amon's building to read the contents of the book, unveiling the truth surrounding Nova—a connection to the Lotus Pond—Azura is the first to comment on how it's even possible. But despite the secrets, lies, and hurt, in the end, Azura still decides to help Nova in her next steps. However, when hunters are involved in the form of Lance and Darius, secret agents coming to aid Nova, Azura is also ready to deal with them by way of fire. She eventually agrees to go along with their help after careful de-escalation. 

After the lotus ritual performed by Lance on Nova, the group is attacked once more by Camus and the Krav. They fight to the best ability, but unprepared for such an attack they lost. With Amon insisting on Nova escaping with only the cambions and Luka, the group is forced to leave the others behind as they begin their journey to find the Lotus Pond. 

Physical Appearance

Azura is described as being fiery like her native powers, with a blaze appearing within her brown eyes. She has shoulder-length brown hair with the ends blackened as if by the soot of embers. Her face is described as being elfin, including the glare she tends to have. 

Personality Traits

Azura has a strong personality that is rather impulsive. She tends to take action before thinking things through clearly and usually said action is rather violent. Azura thinks with her fists of fire and asks questions later. She's also rather bold with her words, unafraid to speak her mind. This often gets her in trouble. The hidden side of Azura though is the girl who's rather timid and afraid, using others' fear of her fire as a way of protecting herself. 

Powers and Abilities

Azura is seen with one distinct power in Blood of the Lotus. From their first meeting, it's revealed that Azura has pyrokinetic powers meaning the ability to control and summon fire. She is seen summoning fireballs, bursting into flames, and even summoning a small yet intense flame at her fingertip. While powerful, she lacks control of the immense power.


Azura is one of the six cambions Nova is set to train and eventually a close ally and important figure in her journey to the Lotus Pond. 

Nova Fandera

"So you think you had it bad? What, because you became an even more powerful hunter? I knew something about you was off. I should have trusted my instincts."

- Azura to Nova

Nova Fandera is Azura's trainer at the Moonlit Château. Azura is quick to distrust Nova, even attacking her with her fire at their first introduction. When Azura lost to her she gained both a sense of respect and fear for the so-called human. Later the two become closer friends, enough for Azura to be extremely hurt by Nova's lies.




Amon is the demon who offered a contract with Azura and brought her together with the other cambions, Luka, and Nova.


Rishu is the person who found Azura as commanded by Amon. It's unclear if their relationship goes beyond that as in Blood of the Lotus we don't see them interact much outside of Rishu giving her and the other cambions commands. 




Luka is introduced as one of the six cambions to be trained with Azura. However, despite the shared fate at the Moonlit Château, the two are always seen at a distance. This is mostly due to Luka, but there is a sense of difference between the two that keep them from being close.


Tevari is one of the five other cambions set to train with Azura. The two seem to have a familiarity in the sense of situations they've faced, turning them slowly into friends. 




Meena is one of the five cambions Azura is to train with. They have a very sisterly relationship that develops between the two of them, both being able to talk for hours together.

Lei Jing

Lei Jing is one of the cambions Azura is to train with. Though not close at the start of Blood of the Lotus, there seems to be a growing connection and friendship between the two girls after training and spending more time together. 

Lei Jing.JPEG



Oliver is one of the five other cambions Azura is to train with. The two are often seen arguing or battling with each other as neither can stop their mouths from saying what's on their mind. Later in Blood of the Lotus, the two work out their differences, the arguing becoming playful bantering, and teasing. 



Azura comes from both Spanish and Persian origins with the meaning 'sky blue' and 'azure' with a separate Hebrew meaning of 'restraint'. It's also a biblical name according to the Jewish Book of Jubilees where Azura is the daughter of Adam and Eve.

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