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Early Life


She turns her gaze to mine, mustering up a small smile. Her eyes glitter as she stares at me. "I sometimes kill people unintentionally."

Meena is one of the six cambion's Nova is set to train at the start of Undivided the Series. 

Meena is introduced in Blood of the Lotus at the Moonlit Château alongside the other five cambions, and is the first to approach Nova during their initial introduction. She is the youngest of the group, and by far the most mischevious.



Early Life

Meena's history and early life are yet to be fully introduced.

In Blood of the Lotus, Meena briefly mentions that she was abandoned at age four only to be found by Rishu three years after living and surviving on the streets. 

Blood of the Lotus -
Synopsis so beware of spoilers

In Blood of the Lotus, Meena is first introduced when Nova jumps to the window she looking out of at the Moonlit Château. Though shocked by the humans ability, Meena is found throwing grapes at Nova when Azura sprung an attack on her during the same introduction. After cutely introducing herself afterward, Nova doesn't see her again until weeks later when Meena feels comfortable enough to come forward after observing Nova.

The encounter starts with an illusion of Adrian, Nova's bestfriend, keying Nova in on Meena's demonic abilities. When the illusion is 



Biographical information

Born                    December - Capricorn

Age                     13


  • Meena (Last name Unknown)

Physical Description

Species                   Cambion

Gender                    Female

Height                     5'1 - 154cm

Hair Color               Black

Eye Color                Gray

Skin Tone               Brown

Family Information



  • Demonic Parent: Mara

  • Unknown family from India (Abandoned)

  • Rishu (Adoptive Brother)

Special Characteristics


  • Mindweaver

    • Summon illusions using a fine silverish pink web.​

  • Possession

    • Ability to puppeteer inanimate objects​



  • To Rishu

  • Contract with Amon

destroyed by Nova, Meena asks about who he was before excitedly asking to be trained then and there. As the two head off together, Nova learns a lot about Meena as she has a tendency to ramble. Meena tells her about how she was abandoned when she was four and survived for three years until Rishu found and took her in. She also reveals that she a tendency to kill people when they try to harm her, as she doesn't have complete control over her abilities. Because of this, Nova asks about her demonic parent and Meena reveals it to be Mara—a S-class ancient demon known for deception, confusion, and possesion. Thus Nova begins her training by forcing her to focus intently on one object, which also discovered an ability for controlling inanimate objects. Afterward, Meena is extremly grateful to Nova and looks forward to their next training. However, their next encounter is when she and Tevari come to Nova for aid in stopping Azura and Oliver's brawl.  

Nova disappears for a week, unexplained to the cambions, and Meena's first question back is if they're continuing with the group training. When they make their way to the clearing that afternoon, she's paired with Tevari against Azura and Oliver. She uses her illusions to create multiple copies of herself, and even fakes a serious injury to get the upperhand against them. Her and Tevari win, however the sparring stops due to Oliver's outburst.

The following day Nova brings them back to the basics, sparring against Luka first as Meena judges upcon a platform grown by Tevari. 

The joyful training period, however, is abruptly ended by the château being discovered by the hunters. Meena is first to recognize the hunter, Adrian, remembering him from the illusion she pulled from Nova's mind. She becomes heartbroken by the realization of Nova's background, but is more hurt by the fact Nova didn't trust them and continually lied to them even when they were all becoming closer. 

But even after coming to a basic understanding, the consolation is short lived as the château comes under a second attack and Nova is

kidnapped. Despite the lies, Meena still cares for Nova and joins in on her rescue even when Rishu doesn't want her to come. And when Luka's identity is revealed, she immediately retreats from Rishu's side—hurt by a second betrayal of someone even closer to her hiding the truth. Still, Meena helps attack with her illusions so the group can safely escape. 

When Nova meets up with them again after finding their way to Amon's building, Meena excitedly greets her by saying how scary and cool she was fighting. The hurt, though not gone, had appeased a bit with the circumstances they were currently faced with. 

Meena does end up also joining Nova in her return home to find a book that can give them the answers they're looking for. However, when Rishu gets hurt on the mission she does panic. Still, Nova's able to calm her enough to make use of her illusions so they can escape the hunters. 

When Nova reads the contents within the book, revealing her truth, Meena is the first to comfort her. And later, when Nova comes to them to discuss their next steps, Meena asks her questions before agreeing to help Nova. Yet when the hunters come to aid Nova as well, she can't help the thunderous, angry look on her face—the innoncence of her young age disappearing. Despite this, she goes along with Nova. 

After the lotus ritual performed on Nova, the building is attacked and Meena immediately jumps into action, summoning illusions to fight. When it's decided that Nova, Luka, and the cambions must escape on their own, Meena fervently fights against it—not willing to leave Rishu behind. Rishu, however, pushes her into the portal that would bring her to safety.

Physical Appearance

Meena is described as being extremely cute with her darker skin and floppy long, black pigtails. She has stormy gray eyes and an innocent, young round face. She is the shortest and the youngest of the cambions. She is often seen bare foot and in loose clothing as she finds it the most comfortable.   

Personality Traits

Meena's personality is a bit unexpected. She is both cute and chaotic, and very talkative. She can ramble on and on, dropping both important and shocking information. However, this is a bit of anxious behavior and when she's more comfortable with someone she is very attuned to them and what they're going through, showing us a great capacity for empathy. 

At the end of the day, though, Meena enjoys being childish. An innoncence she didn't have when she was younger that she's reclaimed when becoming family with Rishu. This is, however, easily gone when she is angry. Her demonic side filled with immense power and hurt consuming her. 


Powers and Abilities

Meena is seen using two distinct abilities in Blood of the Lotus. The first we see is her ability to thread together illusions, even pulling specific people from people's minds, hence the title Mindweaver. Her second ability was discovered with Nova where she can control inanimate objects—with the potential to be able to control living beings later on as well.


Meena is one of the six cambions Nova is set to train and eventually a close ally and important figure in her journey to the Lotus Pond. 

Nova Fandera

"How did you..." Her voice sounds small as she steps further back in the living space. "Aren't you human?  

- Tevari to Nova

Nova Fandera is Meena's trainer at the Moonlit Château and becomes an older sister-like figure to her—even being compared to Rishu. Though skeptical of Nova at the start, after careful observation Meena was the most open to accepting Nova as their trainer. 




Amon is the demon who offered a contract with Meena and brought her together with the other cambions, Luka, and Nova. He is a master manipulator and puppeteer in Meena's life but also is the reason she now knows Rishu.


Rishu is the person who found Meena as commanded by Amon. He is like an older brother to Meena even though they share no blood relations. After finding her abandoned on the streets, he took her under his wing, became her family, to bring her out of the hollow shell she used to be. 




Luka is introduced as one of the six cambions to be trained with Meena. However, despite the shared fate at the Moonlit Château, the two are always seen at a distance. This is mostly due to Luka, but there is a sense of difference between the two that keep them from being close.


Tevari is one of the five other cambions and becomes a close friend and protector of Meena. Because she is the youngest he treats her like a little sister he needs to protect, a relationship that is furthered when Nova pairs them together for group training.




Azura is one of the six cambions Meena is to train with. They have a very sisterly relationship that develops between the two of them, both being able to talk for hours together.

Lei Jing

Lei Jing is one of the cambions Meena is to train with. Meena doesn't get to know her very well at the start of Blood of the Lotus due to her reserved nature, however, later on Lei Jing is like an older sister figure.

Lei Jing.JPEG



Oliver is one of the five other cambions Meena is to train with. The two don't have a close relationship yet, mostly due to Tevari and Meena winning the sparring against Oliver and Azura—then Oliver disappearing.



Meena comes from Sanskrit origins, meaning 'fish' or 'precious stone'. The name Meena is also connected to the Meena tribe, mainly native to the Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh regions of India who claim descent from fish avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu.

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