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Early Life


Oliver glances over his shoulder and smirks when he sees me. He stands from the ground, turning in my direction. "I'd say you could join, but we wouldn't want to tear up the entire forest, now would we?"

Oliver is one of the six cambion's Nova is set to train at the start of Undivided the Series. 

Oliver is introduced in Blood of the Lotus at the Moonlit Château alongside the other five cambions. He is a shapeshifter cambion.



Early Life

Oliver's history is yet to be fully introduced.

In Blood of the Lotus, Oliver does not reveal anything about his early life.

Blood of the Lotus -
Synopsis so beware of spoilers

In Blood of the Lotus, Oliver is first introduced at the Moonlit Château alongside the five other cambions Nova is meant to train. He is seen lounging on the couch tossing a small ball into the air, and after observing her fight with Azura, Oliver charmingly introduces himself to Nova.

Despite the enthusiatic greeting, Nova doesn't meet him again until after meeting with Tevari for the first time. Tevari points out the trees flying high into the sky deep within the forest surrounding the château and Nova goes to find the culprit. Upon arrival, Nova finds Oliver with his


Oliver 2.JPEG


Biographical information

Born                    December - Sagittarius

Age                     17


  • Oliver (Last name Unknown)

Physical Description

Species                   Cambion

Gender                    Male

Height                     5'10 - 178cm

Hair Color               Brown

Eye Color                Gray / Yellow

Skin Tone               Pale

Family Information



  • Demonic Parent: Unknown

  • Unknown Mother

Special Characteristics


  • Shapeshifting



  • To Himself

  • Contract with Amon

morphed into something she's never seen before. Black with both scales and feathers, his fingertips had become talons, and he ripped a tree apart as if it was nothing. When he notices her he shapeshifts back and approaches her. The exchange doesn't last long, and the next time Nova finds him he's brawling with Azura—destroying the garden and courtyard. It thankfully works in Nova's favor as she forces them to finally work with her.

When training starts a week later, Oliver is paired with Azura and they're the first to spar—going against Tevari and Meena. Though the two fight well together, Oliver loses control and almost severly hurts Meena while also losing awareness of his surroundings. This causes him and Azura to lose the sparring session. Oliver considers himself a monster and ends up going into hiding—not joining any future training sessions. We only see Oliver again the château is found by the hunters and Nova's secret is revealed. Despite all this, when Nova is kidnapped by their new found enemy shortly after the château is first discovered, he still joins in on her rescue.

Oliver is less hurt and more satisfied when Luka's real identity is revealed, calling them all monsters. But he puts aside his fear of using his abilities to try and help save them from the Krav—monsters created by their new enemy Camus. When they escape and return to Amon's building, however, Oliver is traumatized by the ordeal and is even more scared of himself and his powers.  


As they're discussing everything they've learned, Nova reveals a book back at the Fandera Estate that might aid them in answers. Forming a plan to return home, Oliver joins in on the mission alongside the others. He and the others wait outside, but when Nova's commotion turns into a runaway escape, Rishu is injured. With their combined effort, they save him from the angelic bullet threatening his life.

When the group returns to Amon's building to read the contents of the book, unveiling the truth surrounding Nova—a connection to the Lotus Pond—Oliver listens. But despite the secrets, lies, and fear, in the end, Oliver still decides to help Nova in her next steps. However, when hunters are involved in the form of Lance and Darius, secret agents coming to aid Nova, Oliver is not keen to work with them. He eventually agrees to go along with their help after careful de-escalation. 

The two hunters perform the lotus on Nova, but while she is under the group is attacked once more by Camus and the Krav. They fight to the best ability, but unprepared for such an attack they lost. With Amon insisting on Nova escaping with only the cambions and Luka, the group is forced to leave the others behind as they begin their journey to find the Lotus Pond. 

Physical Appearance

Oliver is described as being pale and lanky with Roman-like features. He has brown shaggy hair and eyes that seem to shift between yellow and grey as if associated with his abilties. He is said to be tall, but the shortest guy amongst the group.

Personality Traits

Oliver's first impression is someone who is charismatic and flirtatious but it's quickly revealed to be a front. He hides a lot about his true self, including the monster he believes himself to be that influences his shapeshifting. He's also extremely fearful and hates fighting since he knows it can lead to him losing control of his abilities. 

Powers and Abilities

Oliver is seen with one distinct power in Blood of the Lotus. From their first meeting, it's revealed that Oliver is a shapeshifter. His go to is changing his arms into that of a blackened moster of both feather and scale, with fingertips that become talons, and the ability to grow and shorten them on a whim. This comes from a beast living inside him, a manifestation of his abilities, but it's yet to be seen what other things he can morph into. 


Oliver is one of the six cambions Nova is set to train and eventually a close ally and important figure in her journey to the Lotus Pond. 

Nova Fandera

"Say it how it is, I'm a monster."

- Oliver to Nova

Nova Fandera is Oliver's trainer at the Moonlit Château. Oliver is immediately intrigued in Blood of the Lotus about how a human can beat a cambion. However, when he loses control of his abilities his mindset turns to thinking Nova sees him as a monster. Despite this, Nova continues to look out for him and a sort of friendship forms between the two. 




Amon is the demon who offered a contract with Oliver and brought him together with the other cambions, Luka, and Nova.


Rishu is the person who found Oliver as commanded by Amon. It's unclear if their relationship goes beyond that as in Blood of the Lotus we don't see them interact much outside of Rishu giving him and the other cambions commands. 




Luka is introduced as one of the five cambions to be trained alongside Oliver. However, despite the shared fate at the Moonlit Château, the two are always seen at a distance. This is mostly due to Luka, but there is a sense of difference between the two that keep them from being close.


Tevari is one of the five other cambions to be trained alongisde Oliver. The two didn't have much of a chance to become friends in Blood of the Lotus, however, there's a shared understanding between them due to their lives as cambions.




Meena is one of the five cambions Oliver is to train with. They have yet to become close due to Oliver returning into hiding. However, they still share a growing bond as they relate to being cambions.

Lei Jing

Lei Jing is one of the cambions Oliver is to train with. They have yet to become close due to Oliver returning into hiding. However, they still share a growing bond as they relate to being cambions.

Lei Jing.JPEG



Azura is one of the five other cambions Oliver is to train with. The two are often seen arguing or battling with each other as neither can stop their mouths from saying what's on their mind. Later in Blood of the Lotus, the two work out their differences, the arguing becoming playful bantering, and teasing. 



Oliver comes from the Old Norse meaning 'ancestor's descendant'. It also stems from the Latin and French words for 'olive' and 'olive tree' respectively. 

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