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Early Life

Lei Jing

She flicks her silky black hair over her shoulder. "I might not know what it is, but I saw the lotus tattoo." I bite my tongue to stifle the growl building in my throat. "Seemed to hurt, if you ask me."

Lei Jing is one of the six cambion's Nova is set to train at the start of Undivided the Series. 

Lei Jing is introduced in Blood of the Lotus at the Moonlit Château alongside the other five cambions. She is a very reclusive character that takes a long time to open up and even show herself.



Early Life

Azura's history and early life are yet to be fully introduced.

In Blood of the Lotus, Lei Jing does not reveal her early life.

Blood of the Lotus -
Synopsis so beware of spoilers

In Blood of the Lotus, Lei Jing is first introduced with the other five cambions at the Moonlit Château. She, however, doesn't make another full appearance until after Azura and Oliver brawl in the garden courtyard. Nova speculates, and is confirmed by Lei Jing's actions, that she had been spying on Nova prior to confronting her after the brawl. 

When Nova leaves Azura, Oliver, Tevari, and Meena to clean up the mess made in the garden and work on their teamwork, Lei Jing corners her. Inside the château, Lei Jing reveals she saw Nova's lotus tattoo and that it looked like it was hurting her. This was said with contempt, looking


Lei Jing.JPEG

Lei Jing

Biographical information

Born                    May - Taurus

Age                     18


  • Lei Jing (Last name Unknown)

Physical Description

Species                   Cambion

Gender                    Female

Height                     5'3 - 162cm

Hair Color               Black

Eye Color                Purple

Skin Tone               Pale

Family Information



  • Demonic Parent: Unknown

  • Unknown Mother

Special Characteristics


  • Energy Manipulation

    • Force Fields​

    • Invisibility



  • To Herself

  • Contract with Amon

to reveal the secrets Nova is hiding. It does, however, work in Nova's favor as she discovers Lei Jing has the ability to become invisible—hence being able to discover the lotus tattoo that Nova only revealed in private. The exchange between the two leaves on a tense note. 

We later see Lei Jing in the breakfast hall after Nova awakens from the lotus tattoo knocking her out for a week. With the prospect of finally beginning training that the other cambions were excited for, Lei Jing joins as an observer—no longer hiding herself from Nova and the others. She's partnered with Luka at the sparring pit, however, the training is canceled after Oliver loses control. The following day, she agrees again to join the training session where Nova plans to return to the basics. 

It takes awhile, but after spending time training together Lei Jing opens up. Her and Nova recouncil their differences, Lei Jing even considering her as a friend. For the first time we see a different side to Lei Jing. One that is softer than the cold front she puts on. 

Shortly after their training, however, the château is discovered by hunters and Nova's identity as a demon hunter is revealed. Lei Jing is hurt by the betrayal, but also concerned why Nova is in so much physical pain from the lotus tattoo.

When Nova clears up her story, Lei Jing is disgusted that she is Solomon Fandera's daughter. However, when the full truth is revealed, Lei Jing again returns to question the lotus tattoo—even revealing to everyone that it wasn't the first time she had seen it hurt Nova. 

Before the group can further discuss the details of the truth and what Nova knows, the château is attacked once more. Despite trying to flee, Nova is kidnapped and Lei Jing agrees to help Luka get her back. They find Nova in a separate dimension where shadow-like monsters called the Krav had been created. Their new enemy, Camus, reveals Luka's true identity and though Lei Jing is hurt by the second betrayal she's more concerned in helping Nova who becomes injured. Using her powers she creates a force field while the others fight. But when she grows weak and Nova discovers that she can save them, Lei Jing can do nothing to stop her from leaving her protection. The group is able to escape and they return to Amon's building to recover. 

When Nova finally meets with everyone again, she's surprised that Lei Jing is acting like usual—even seemingly checking if she's okay.


As they go over everything that's happened and what they still don't know, Nova reveals a book back at the Fandera Estate that might aid them in answers. Forming a plan to return home, Lei Jing joins in on the mission alongside the others. She and the others wait outside, but when Nova's commotion turns into a runaway escape, Rishu is injured. With their combined effort, they save him from the angelic bullet threatening his life—Lei Jing using her powers to protect their car as they make their escape. 

When the group returns to Amon's building to read the contents of the book, unveiling the truth surrounding Nova—a connection to the Lotus Pond—Lei Jing listens carefully before asking questions about their next move. However, when hunters are involved in the form of Lance and Darius, secret agents coming to aid Nova, Lei Jing jumps into a fighting stance. She eventually agrees along with the others that they need the hunters help.

After the lotus ritual performed by Lance on Nova, the group is attacked once more by Camus and the Krav. They fight to the best ability, but unprepared for such an attack they lost. With Amon insisting on Nova escaping with only the cambions and Luka, the group is forced to leave the others behind as they begin their journey to find the Lotus Pond. 

Physical Appearance

Lei Jing is described as having long, straight black hair, pale skin, and her most defining feature her violet colored eyes. They glow with an unusual radiance and seem to be connected to her abilities. She's also noted to always wear clothes that cover her entire body so there's no skin exposure. Later, it's described that Nova sees something black move on her skin when her clothing had been ripped. 

Personality Traits

Lei Jing seems rather cold and annoyed most of the time, her face often pursed in disgust. She does, however, have a softer more gentle side that doesn't normally come out. She can also be a bit awkward when she has to engage with others, as seen when talking about being friends with Nova. 

Powers and Abilities

Lei Jing is seen with two distinct powers in Blood of the Lotus. The first power Nova picks up on is Lei Jing's ability to become invisible. This is a tool Lei Jing uses to spy and observe. Her second ability we see is the creation of a force field. Both powers come from her ability to manipulate energy, though we have yet to see to what extent.


Azura is one of the six cambions Nova is set to train and eventually a close ally and important figure in her journey to the Lotus Pond. 

Nova Fandera

If it was just because Amon brought you here with whatever contract you signed, then we wouldn't be..." She pauses her face scrunched as if the words are difficult to say. "We wouldn't be"—she glances my way again—"friends?"

- Lei Jing to Nova

Nova Fandera is Lei Jings trainer at the Moonlit Château. Their relationship starts out quite tense with Lei Jing spying on Nova, not trusting the human, but eventually grows into a close friendship. 




Amon is the demon who offered a contract with Lei Jing and brought her together with the other cambions, Luka, and Nova.


Rishu is the person who found Lei Jing as commanded by Amon. It's unclear if their relationship goes beyond that as in Blood of the Lotus we don't see them interact much outside of Rishu giving her and the other cambions commands. 




Luka is introduced as one of the six cambions to be trained with Lei Jing. However, despite the shared fate at the Moonlit Château, the two are always seen at a distance. This is mostly due to Luka, but there is a sense of difference between the two that keep them from being close.


Tevari is one of the five other cambions Lei Jing is to train with. While the two don't have much interaction in Blood of the Lotus there is a growing friendship between the two.




Meena is one of the five cambions Lei jing is to train with. Lei Jing treats Meena like a little sister and vice versa. As the oldest and the youngest the two bonded together well and continue to become closer friends. 


Azura is one of the five cambions Lei Jing is to train with. Though not close at the start of Blood of the Lotus, there seems to be a growing connection and friendship between the two girls after training and spending more time together. 




Oliver is one of the five other cambions Lei Jing is to train with. The two don't have much interaction in Blood of the Lotus, especially when Lei Jing came out of hiding only for Oliver to hide away again. However, despite that they have a mutual care for each other with knowing they might share similar experiences as cambions.



Lei Jing comes from Chinese origins with Lei meaning 'flower bud' and Jing meaning 'quiet' or 'gentle'.

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