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Early Life


"You're smarter than you look," he says, "and easier to beat than I expected. Or was it that energy inside you getting in the way?"

Tevari is one of the six cambion's Nova is set to train at the start of Undivided the Series. 

Tevari is introduced in Blood of the Lotus at the Moonlit Château alongside the other five cambions, and is the first amongst them for Nova to approach after their first initial meeting. He is one of the more persceptive characters, almost immediately noticing the strange irregularities within Nova. This is in part do to the vine familiar that remains entangled around his body. 



Early Life

Tevari's history and early life are yet to be fully introduced.

In Blood of the Lotus, Tevari briefly mentions to Nova that he lived in Zimbabwe until he was five before spending the next thirteen years surviving on his own. 

Blood of the Lotus -
Synopsis so beware of spoilers

In Blood of the Lotus, Tevari is first introduced when Nova first arrives at the Moonlit Château. He is seen waiting in a large living space with the other five cambions. Upon Nova's arrival, Tevari is already testing her with his vine—pointing out the fact she is human. Afterward, in the courtyard, their introduction is curt with him only offering her his name before he and the other cambions keep their distance in the following week after. 




Biographical information

Born                    November - Scorpio

Age                     18


  • Tevari (Last name Unknown)

  • Tevi (by Meena)

Physical Description

Species                   Cambion

Gender                    Male

Height                     6'1 - 185cm

Hair Color               Black

Eye Color                Brown / Gold

Skin Tone               Dark

Family Information



  • Demonic Parent: Buer

  • Unknown but from Zimbabwe

Special Characteristics


  • Photographic Memory

  • Hydrokinesis

    • Control water​

  • Chlorokinesis

    • Control Plants

    • Summon Plants

    • Vine Familiar



  • To himself and his vine

  • Contract with Amon

Later, Nova catches Tevari reading near the garden fountain and decides to approach him. He's inquisitive about her at first, however, he is also extremely distrusting even mentioning that she isn't the first to try and tame them. Nova laughs and he's taken aback, eventually agreeing to give her one day to prove herself. When the following morning comes, and Tevari meets her per their agreement, the encounter is less than pleasant. Nova flicks water in his direction, and he chides that she's juvenile. When Nova doesn't hold back about asking questions to gain understanding about how to teach him control, he reveals he lived in Zimbabwe until he was five and spent the next thirteen years surviving without anyone. He says that even without total control he's no fool. Tevari then attacks her with summoning the flowers in the garden to his aid, even managing to wrap them around Nova's throat. Hurt and anger flow through to Nova, and the only reason he releases her from his grasp is due to her guessing his demonic parent as Buer.  

Tevari ends up sending Nova in the direction of another cambion and the two don't see each other for two weeks. Despite not giving her a full day to prove herself, Tevari does end up agreeing to follow her when she finds him again. Nova leads him to an extensive library as she picked up on his interest in books—something they both share. 

Nova tells him that he summoned plants not within the garden and that understanding why can teach them the how. Tevari agrees with her and he uses the vine familiar wrapped around his body to rapidly collect books. They spend hours researching, however, Tevari seems to show more interest in the secrets Nova is hiding rather than about his own abilities. Nova snaps at him, but suprisingly he is unfazed and even goes on to mention a separate energy he can sense within her effecting her. 

A few days later, both Tevari and Meena come to Nova to have her aid in stopping a brawl between Oliver and Azura. With the cambions gathered, Nova forces them to agree to group training. 

After this encounter, Nova confronts Amon away from the château and ends up knocked out for a week. When she returns, she finds Tevari

reading a book and even smiling as he listens to the others conversations in the breakfast hall. With the cambions closer than before, and excited to train together, the group sessions begin. 

Tevari is paired with Meena to have a mock battle against Azura and Oliver. Tevari's main tool in the battle is pulling roots from the surrounding trees up from the ground. His team ends up winning but Nova notices that he seems to feel the pain inflicted on the plants. The group session is halted due to Oliver's outburst, and Nova decides they need to return to the basic forms in the following training. 

Later, Nova and the cambions are discovered by the hunters at the château, and when Nova's secrets are revealed Tevari is heartbroken and angry that she lied to them despite knowing hunters have been trying to kill them their whole life. However, afterward Tevari wants her to explain in depth and not just tell them a shallow sob story. He even uses his vine to make sure she can't lie anymore. 

Tevari and the other cambions don't necessarily forgive her lies, but they understand why she did what she did. It's a short lived consolation as the château is attacked yet again and Nova is kidnapped. Even with everything that happened and his hatred for humans and hunters alike, Tevari still decides to join Luka in rescuing her. And even after they're safe at Amon's building, Tevari also agrees to aid Nova in returning home to retrieve a book that might give them more answers.

When said book gives Nova more than what she bargained for, Tevari is quick to start piecing together the truth with the information both found and finally given to them. After the group rests, they're greeted with surprise visitors in the form of two hunters; Lance and Darius. Tevari storms off only to return when Nova is speaking to them about making the decision. Despite his hatred towards them, he says he trusts her enough to work with them.

However, after performing the lotus ritual and Nova is awakened to the building being attacked, Tevari is quick to set up briar walls to stop the invasion. And when Amon tells them to run, Tevari agrees that no one should be left behind. However, when that's what they must do he jumps through the portal after Azura and Oliver without hesitation.

Physical Appearance

Tevari is described as being the tallest of the cambions, with skin like night and a delicate nonchalance about him. One of his key traits is the vine wrapped around his body that never leaves his side. Tevari has dark brown eyes that change to a bright gold when using his abilities. A golden line also appears between his brows and extends down his nose bridge when activating his powers. He's also described as having short, nearly shaven, black hair. As for style, Tevari usually options for casual elegance, aiming for comfort with flowy pieces.  

Personality Traits

Tevari's personality is a bit terse and clear to the point, while also playfully mocking with a serious expression. He's gone through a lot of hardships in his life which makes him on edge and reserved when it comes to strangers, humans, and especially hunter. Tevari is also extremely intelligent, even having a photographic memory, which is both a gift and a curse as he cannot forget the horrible things that have happened to him. 


However, Tevari also has a bit of dry humor he likes to slide into his speech as well as a mystic sort of wisdom from sensing different energies within others. There's also quite a bit of sadness held within him that keeps him more observant than communicative.


Tevari also places a lot of trust in his vine familiar, treating it like family. It's his protector, his aid, and his confidant.

Powers and Abilities

Tevari is seen using four distinct abilities in Blood of the Lotus. The first we see is that of the vine familiar wrapped around him, it's circumstances of being summoned yet to be revealed. The second and third is both his chlorokinesis and hydrokinesis abilities; the power to control both plant life and water. His chlorokinesis does seem to be a bit stronger as he's able to more freely summon and grow plants as he needs—an ability Nova helps him train as he's also quite knowledgable in different medicinal uses of plants. The fourth power he's seen to show is the ability to sense energies within people, however, the extent and reasoning behind this is yet to be revealed. 


Tevari is one of the six cambions Nova is set to train and eventually a close ally and important figure in her journey to the Lotus Pond. 

Nova Fandera

"Now I can't decide if you're arrogant or just juvenile."

   - Tevari to Nova

Nova Fandera is Tevari's trainer at the Moonlit Château, and eventually they become somewhat of close friends. As Tevari was the first cambion for Nova to work with, the two have a bit of a closer connection and familiarity. Their initial encounters weren't very friendly, however, a form of respect was formed between the two that deepened the trust Tevari has in her, and eventually the trust she has in him




Amon is the demon who offered a contract with Tevari and brought him together with the other cambions, Luka, and Nova. He is a master manipulator and puppeteer in Tevari's life.


Rishu is the person who found Tevari as commanded by Amon. The two seem to have a comfortable familiarity between each other, however, the extent of their relationship is yet to be revealed. 




Luka is introduced as one of the six cambions to be trained with Tevari. However, despite the shared fate at the Moonlit Château, the two are always seen at a distance. This is mostly due to Luka, but there is a sense of difference between the two that keep them from being close.


Meena is the youngest of the six cambions and therefore someone Tevari takes under his wing, especially after being paired together during the group trainings. 

Despite Tevari mostly remaining to himself even when the cambions start to grow closer, Meena remains as the one person who can always bring a smile to his face. He is also extremely protective of her, her hand often being the first he grabs in dangerous situations even when he knows she can fend for herself.




Azura is one of the five other cambions Tevari is to train with. He views her as a bit of a wild card that thinks she stronger than she actually is. Later, however, he does become a bit more friendly with her. 

Lei Jing

Lei Jing is one of the cambions Tevari is to train with. She's just as, if not more, reserved than he is so the two didn't have much opportunity yet to become closer with one another.

Lei Jing.JPEG



Oliver is one of the five other cambions Tevari is to train with. The two don't have a close relationship yet, mostly due to Tevari and Meena winning the sparring against Oliver and Azura—then Oliver disappearing.


  • Vine - The familiar he summoned that is more family than anything else. 


Tevari comes from African origins, however, there is no specific meaning and etymology currently available about the name. 

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