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Early Life

Nova Fandera

"My father always told me, "as a hunter, you have a duty to obey"—a verse engraved in my mind before I could even understand what it meant. Yet, standing at the edge of these woods with my mind set on the mission I've recklessly planned, I've realized one thing. No matter how hard I try, I am not the daughter who obeys."

Nova Fandera is the only daughter of the leader of the demon hunters, Solomon Fandera. She is the main protagonist in Undivided the Series.

In Blood of the Lotus, Nova is a 17, going on 18, year-old-girl who's trained to be a hunter from an early age only to be kept within the Fandera Estate, guarded and watched by her trainer and mentor Lance. Despite her pleas and proven ability, secrets, and broken promises are all she's ever known and eventually lead her to make the reckless decision to escape on the night of a Blood Moon where she's offered a deal by her enemy—one that is hard to refuse after her father puts her in the chains of Ansiel

Nova is both human and Undivided—having passed her angelic trials in an unlikely manner that bonded her with two angels, Archangel Uriel, and the angel Zerachiel, with her trials also bringing on the appearance of a red seven-petaled lotus tattoo over her heart. 

She is also haunted by two mysterious voices that she names 'Darkness' and 'Remembrance". One offers her promises of death in her search for answers, while the other urges her to find a so-called beloved, and gifts her the knowledge on how to summon the angelic artifact Kioren


Nova Fandera

Biographical information

Born                    September - Virgo

Age                     17 - 18


  • Nova Fandera (Birth Name)

  • Princess (by Darius)

Physical Description

Species                   Human / Undivided

Gender                    Female

Height                     5'4 - 163cm

Hair Color               Brown

Eye Color                Green

Skin Tone               Pale / Olive

Family Information



  • Solomon The 77th Fandera (Father)

  • Camus Fandera (Uncle)

  • Solomon The 76th Fandera (Grandfather)

Special Characteristics

Hunter Class Rankings

  • Trained in all 6 Hunter Classes

  • Warrior (Level 6)

  • Dragoon (Level 4)

  • Artificer (Level 3)

  • Tamer (Level 3)

  • Healer (Level 4)

  • Exorcist (Level 1)


  • Summon Kioren

  • Undivided Abilities:

    • Heightened Senses

    • Heightened Agility

    • Stronger

    • Angelic Energy (Can halt demonic abilities)

    • Two sets of angel wings



  • Demon Hunter

  • Cambion Trainer


  • Hunters Clan

  • Remembrance


Early Life

Nova Fandera was born on September 7th in The Lotus Pond after her past reincarnation died and was found shortly after by the 77th Solomon—her now recognized father.

From an early age, Nova was trained to be strong and independent. As soon as she was able to walk, Solomon had her practicing from dawn until dusk. He made sure she knew the ways of a hunter despite keeping her out of the clan's sight—which is also how she gained the title 'princess' from most clan members.

At the age of 5, Solomon enlisted Lance, then eighteen, to take over being Nova's mentor and trainer. Solomon slowly disappeared from Nova's life, keeping his distance and raising his punishments and restrictions as she aged. Despite this, all Nova wanted was to prove herself worthy to both him and the clan—and become the demon hunter he trained her to be. 

Because of this desire, Nova often didn't ask questions to the things


her father hid from her. Who was her mother? Why does she have to stay within the Fandera Estate? Why does he never come around? Why does she have to be alone? 

Her only solace was the young Adrian Bishop, her senior by one year and best friend. Adrian's father, Willian Bishop, is the second in command to Solomon which is the only reason he was allowed around Nova. They had a close relationship since they were young that was filled with both young love and competition—as they regularly trained and sparred against each other. However, despite having this close connection, Nova resented that Adrian was free to do as he please and was praised as one of the best new hunters in the clan, the protogé—even when she often beat him during their sparring sessions. As she grew older, this and his loyalty to her father began to separate their innocent childhood friendship which we see in the beginning of Blood of the Lotus.

Blood of the Lotus - Synopsis so beware of spoilers

At the beginning of Blood of the Lotus, Nova has already escaped the Fandera Estate on the night of a blood moon—a night when demons become 10x more powerful—hoping to prove her strength as a hunter. With the angelic artifact Kioren around her wrist, an angelic dagger on her thigh, and a tactical vest with simple supplies she was able to smuggle out, Nova ventures the streets and neighborhoods of Falgen's waiting for the moon to turn red. Despite being fairly unfamiliar with her surroundings, Nova could assume where the majority of the full moon patrols would be based on the few patrols she's been on and knew how to avoid other hunters. It's here that she runs into the demon Rishu, and also where she summons Kioren's true form—the giant monstrous scythe. He offers her a contract on behalf of the Marquis of Hell, Amon, one that would provide the secrets and answers she's after. 

We then see Nova two weeks prior to the blood moon, running away from her mentor Lance in an attempt to escape the estate. She's caught, and despite her disobedience, Lance lies on her behalf, notifying her that she'll be heading to the Fandera campus arena to train with first-year hunters. Sending her off to the library, Nova begins to study for her upcoming angelic trials when her best friend Adrian visits, having been gone for a year on a confidential mission. Nova doesn't quite know how to handle the growing distance between them and worries about the trials since his will be right before hers but is excited nonetheless that he's back.


The following day, Lance brings Nova to the hunter's campus, however, her father requested to meet with her first. Upon entering the Fandera Manor, Nova finds herself in her father's private study where she discovers an angelic artifact he's trying to destroy. Her father catches her and they end up having a heated conversation that leads to Nova stealing the angelic artifact. Nova and Lance then head to The Arena where she spars with the first-years, Lance watching to determine whether they'll also be participating in the angelic trials. It's here that Nova first encounters Remembrance, who appears like an illusion between the group of hunters. As they're packing to leave Lance receives a call and rushes Nova back to the estate. Her father then lets her know that she will not be participating in the upcoming full moon patrol—a patrol she'd only been on once in the last year. This sets into motion a series of events where Nova is shown how to use Kioren through a dream given to her by Remembrance, and she makes the reckless plan to escape on the night of the blood moon—one furthered when Adrian is chosen by Archangel Michael in his angelic trials.

Returning to the first chapter, we see Nova and Rishu together once more, the demon giving her a ruby necklace before disappearing—

leaving behind the injured Nova. When Nova hears a piercing scream, she jumps into action despite Kioren blocking her path. Still, she manages to convince the all too life-like scythe and she finds herself on the top floor of a parking ramp. She watches as the moon bathes everything in red, and in the distance she sees a cloaked figure standing on the spire of a nearby church. Nova is then attacked by a possessed child, and while injured further she releases a bright unknown light that vanishes the strange demon.


When she awakens, Solomon has put her in the angelic chains of Ansiel, restricting her movements before her angelic trials on her eighteenth birthday. It also causes a rift between her and Adrian, who thinks what she did was unnecessarily reckless. When the trials commence, Nova finds herself in a lotus pond within her mind. As she enters the waters she is sucked underneath and is forcefully shown strange images that are like impossible memories. When she escapes, she enters a room full of mirrors where she sees a seven-petaled red lotus tattoo appear before her body is covered with black vine-like markings. Then a man, one she names Darkness, steps into her line of vision, threatening her from finding answers beyond this point or death awaits her. 


After the trials, Nova discovers she's bonded with two angels—unheard of amongst Undivided—but her father is keeping everyone's lips tight and has put her back into the angelic chains of Ansiel while refusing to speak with her. She has an outburst, letting Kioren wreak havoc on the estate that'd become her cage. Adrian comes to the rescue and she breaks down to him, and he finally sees her father's wrongs. However, when she finally gets the chance to speak with her father, it only confirms her decision to take the deal with the demon. 


Nova breaks the ruby and is brought to Rishu and Amon where they form an agreement. Nova will gain her answers in return for training six half-human half-demon, cambions. She is then taken to the Moonlit Château where she meets Azura, Meena, Tevari, Oliver, Lei Jing, and Luka. Gradually, Nova gains their trust and forms a sort of acquaintanceship with them as she trains the group. However, because of a strange draw to Luka, Darkness continues his threats and black vine-like markings spread painfully across her body. 

And just when things seem to be settling amongst the group, Adrian finds the hidden château to save Nova. She tries to keep her identity hidden, but Adrian exposes the truth before leaving Nova behind as an outcast to the clan. Tension is heavy, but before they can leave another foe attacks by way of a giant door in the sky. At first, it's thought to be Nova's father Solomon, only to later learn it's his long thought dead twin brother, Camus. Camus kidnaps Nova, leaving the group to fend off monsters never seen before. 

Nova is taken into this separate dimension and locked in a prison where she can't hear her angels or access Kioren for aid. Camus taunts and abuses her before revealing the Krav army he's building. Luka and the others show up to save her, and Luka's real identity as Lucifer is revealed by Camus.

When returned to Amon's building, Nova confronts the truth about Luka, and he shows her his memories and the past reincarnation of her that he had fallen in love with. Heartbroken, Nova focuses on the coming war at hand. This leads her to return to the Fandera Estate to retrieve a book she had been shown during her angelic trials. Upon arrival, Nova encounters Solomon who is far from the father she knows. He tells her to take the book—The Eternal Keeper—and run before Darkness seems to take over his body. The group escapes, albeit with an injured Rishu, and returns to learn the secrets within the book. 

Nova then discovers she was never Solomon's biological daughter. In fact, she, and all her past lifetimes, had been born in a lotus pond only to be found by each generation of Solomon before being killed by them as she is a 'cursed' child for falling in love with an angel. After discovering the truth, Lance shows up with the hunter Darius to offer aid in finding the missing pieces. He tells of an angel faction set on aiding Nova by leading her on a journey to find seven lotus flowers to reach The Lotus Pond. 

Lance prepares a ceremony for Nova to enter the pond within her mind where she's connected to the seven flowers, one within Camus's grasp. She also meets face-to-face with her two angels, both of whom gift her complete access to their individual abilities. Darkness fights back, growing the black vines in which her angels fend off. As she awakens, the building is being attacked by the Krav. Unprepared, they try to fight back, but ultimately Amon has a vision in which the only way to win this war is to send Nova, Luka, and the cambions away to find the lotuses. Thus, Nova helps guide Luka's portal, and the group lands in the middle of the jungle—lost and heartbroken for the others they left behind.  

Physical Appearance

Nova is described as having lighter olive tone skin, long wavy brown hair that reaches her waist, a round face with softer features, and green eyes that are an unusual color. She tends to wear a more athletic style of clothing due to the nature of always training to be a demon hunter, and often keeps her hair tied in a ponytail. 

At the beginning of Blood of the Lotus, Nova is grateful that she doesn't share the same rigid and cold features as her father—crediting her unknown mother for her looks. 

As for distinguishing features, Nova has a seven-petaled red lotus tattoo over her heart with black vines seen growing from around the design, as well as two sets of angel wings, tattooed on the back of her neck. She also has faint scars from her intense training, from when she fought the hellhounds on the blood moon, and when Solomon put her in the chains of Ansiel. Her eyes, however, are the key defining feature due to their unusual color. 

Personality Traits

Nova is described as being reckless and stubborn. Once her mind is set on something, even in the moment, she'll often act on her impulses. Others sometimes find this behavior confusing and unnecessary, however, Nova sees it as freeing. After being kept within the Fandera Estate for so many years, following her impulses make her heart race and excites her. 

Nova sometimes recognizes her father's behavior in her own actions and habits, something that she hates within herself. Whether it's her cold glare or harsh tone, she usually regrets it immediately after. She also has a bit of difficulty communicating her feelings and developing relationships after being left on her own for the majority of her life.

Within her, Nova also notices an innate anger. One that she describes as seeking vengeance on those who've wronged her. This is a feeling that often doesn't feel like her own, but swirls inside her anyway. She describes it as being uncomfortable and strives to change and grow from it. 

Powers and Abilities

Throughout Blood of the Lotus, we see Nova use and acquire different powers and abilities. 

As a hunter, Nova was trained in all six hunter classes (Warrior, Dragoon, Tamer, Healer, Artificer, and Exorcist), whereas most hunters choose one or two to train in. While skilled in all six, she prefers Warrior attributes the most and tends to shy away from Exorcist because of the memorization, and Tamer due to the nature of the skill. 

Once chosen as an Undivided, Nova was able to communicate with her two angels Archangel Uriel and Zerachiel within her mind. Being an Undivided also allowed her a few key abilities seen across all Undivided such as; increased strength, increased agility, increased senses, and increased dexterity. She also gained the ability to hone the angelic powers into her fist to halt demonic outbursts. Later, when her angels gave her full access to their abilities, by forming a complete bond, Nova was able to summon two sets of angel wings as well as manipulate the wind with more abilities left to be seen.

With Remembrance inside of her, Nova was able to use her strange, unknown, light that cleanses the surrounding area a few times. However, as warned by the woman, if used again—after the last time seen within Blood of the Lotus—it'll quicken Nova's path to death. 

As for weapons of choice, Nova relies heavily on the life-like angelic artifact Kioren that rests around her wrist in bracelet form but usually appears as a scythe in times of combat. Without words, there seems to be a mutual understanding and communication between her and Kioren.


Nova is the daughter of the leader of demon hunters, Solomon Fandera. She was trained and mentored by Lance while living as a hunter, with Adrian Bishop being her only and best friend for the majority of her life. After leaving the estate and making a deal with Amon, she became the trainer of the cambions and discovered her past life connection with Luka. 

My father always told me, "as a hunter you have a duty to obey".

   - Nova about Solomon

Solomon Fandera is Nova's father. They have an estranged relationship, one that's later explained after Nova discovers the contents within The Eternal Keeper. But despite his harsh attitude and tactics to make Nova stronger, it had been done with good intentions to keep her from the fate his sister had—one he'd have to commit.

Still, their relationship is far from good or loving. This is in part due to Darkness forcing words and actions onto Solomon, but it wasn't all someone else speaking. Often he chose ruthless actions to show Nova exactly the world she was born into and what she'd have to eventually face. Only once, at the end of Blood of the Lotus, do we encounter a softer, more broken, version of Solomon with his guilt toward Nova. 


Adrian Bishop is Nova's best friend. They've known each other since they were children due to Adrian's father, Willian, being Solomon's right hand. Adrian was the only person besides Lance and the estate staff allowed to interact with Nova. The two often trained and sparred together which helped developed a close relationship and mutual crush on each other. However, because Adrian was always allowed to participate in clan activities and was seen as the protogé, a rift grew between the two. One that was furthered when Adrian passed his angelic trials and was chosen by Archangel Michael, the one next to God, and his continual dismissal of Solomon's actions toward Nova. 

When their relationship began to improve, Nova left knowing the friendship wasn't enough to keep her under her father's control. Adrian was desperate to find her, doing whatever he could to bring her home. However, their relationship only soured when Nova refused to leave with him. Despite this, he still is in love with Nova and was elated that Solomon sent him to find and help her in the search for The Lotus Pond.

"Adrian, you have so much sway in this clan, you're the prodigy everyone loves, and now you're bonded with Archangel Michael. If you said something to the clan, my father would have no choice but to listen, and I would be out of this godforsaken cage."

   - Nova to Adrian

"Somehow, I think you've experienced the worst the world has to offer."

   - Nova to Luka

Luka has an unusual relationship with Nova. A thousand years prior to Blood of the Lotus, Luka fell in love with a past reincarnation of Nova. In the present day, he wants to protect Nova and fix the mistakes he made back then. This, however, creates a complicated situation between the two.


There's an undeniable draw toward each other, even as they both hold back from expressing how they truly feel—or letting themselves have a new love story. 


Lance is Nova's mentor and trainer. He was brought in by Solomon after 'failing' his angelic trials, but still being a promising hunter, to essentially take care of Nova's upbringing. While the two aren't inherently close, they do have a mutual understanding and Lance will always support Nova in whatever way he can. He's always believed in Nova and has become her rock.

Later it's also discovered that his actions throughout Blood of the Lotus were to aid Nova in reaching the point where she would be able to search for the lotuses and The Lotus Pond. 

Rishu is the in-between communicator for Amon and Nova, being the key figure in getting Nova to make a deal with the demon and bringing her together with Luka and the cambions.


Rishu tends to tease and push Nova's buttons, but he really is just trying to look out for everyone—including himself. And while they aren't very close with each other, he is still the person Nova goes to for answers to her questions. 


Amon is a master manipulator when it comes to his relationship with Nova. She is a pawn in his game, and he will do whatever he needs to get what he wants. Amon sees Nova as a pretty toy at his disposal, only for his pawn to eventually turn into a queen that will be the key figure in winning the war he's fighting. 

In Blood of the Lotus, Amon makes a deal with Nova. In return for the answers she desires, she'll train six cambions that he's brought together. However, Amon doesn't know as much as he lets on. He's great at deceiving Nova into walking the path he wants.

"Don't make me drag you back," he says with a twinkle in his dark eyes.

   - Lance to Nova

"Isn't that the point? You poor girl. They hide everything from you."

   - Rishu to Nova

"Secrets, lies, betrayal. Humans are so fickle."

   - Amon to Nova

"You're strong for a human."

   - Azura to Nova

Azura is a friend and ally to Nova. Their relationship didn't start on the right foot, Azura, like many cambions and demons, has a strong hatred toward humans. After Nova beats her in a fight, Azura shows both terror and annoyance toward Nova. And when Nova breaks up the fight between her and Oliver, it sets a new image for Azura that makes her want to learn from her. 

When Nova's identity is exposed, Azura gives the harsh truth to Nova without holding back. She's honest and sometimes brutal with her words but it's because she feels so deeply and thus was extremely hurt by the betrayal. Still, despite the tough exterior, she's more forgiving to Nova than one might suspect. 


Tevari is a friend and ally of Nova. They were the first to connect at the Moonlit Château after he attacked her with his powers and she got him to promise to a fair assessment of her abilities as his trainer. When she introduced the extensive library to him it solidified a growing friendship.

Tevari also immediately felt a strange energy and bond between him and Nova through his vine. This made him more curious about her and is also why despite his hatred for hunters he agreed to follow Nova—especially since staying around her can aid in his goals.

"I'm curious. Why choose you? You beat Azura, but she's not as strong as she thinks. Your life force though... It's different from a human."

   - Tevari to Nova

"You see, it was Rishu who found me in India when I was a kid. I did bad things when I was little to survive, Happens when your mother abandons you on the side of a road."

   - Meena to Nova

Meena is the youngest of the cambions and the first to truly open up to Nova. Despite being both shy and excitable, she was happy to have Nova train her abilities. Meena looks up to Nova like she does to her brother figure Rishu, developing a sister type of relationship with Nova and the other cambions—everyone wanting to protect her. 

Meena is also the most accepting, not having the same hate for humans and hunters as some of the other cambions. This is why she was hurt when Nova's secrets came to light because she just liked her. It didn't matter where she came from.


Oliver is a friend and ally to Nova. He originally comes off as very playful and flirtatious to Nova, egging her on to get a reaction. He wants to test not his strength but his restraint against a human who can hold her ground.


When he has an outburst during a sparring session and secludes himself away as a monster, Nova is eventually able to aid in getting his spark back by not forcing him to do or be anything he doesn't want. This strengthens their bond and is part of the reason he follows her to find the lotuses.

"Well, I have to prepare to fight you one day. A human who holds her own against one of us... It makes me curious."

   - Oliver to Nova

"I might not know what it is, but I saw the lotus tattoo. Seemed to hurt if you ask me."

   - Lei Jing to Nova

Lei Jing is a friend and ally to Nova. After observing her for a few weeks, Lei Jing made first contact with Nova. The relationship started off tense, but eventually, they became a strange sort of friends. When Nova's true identity was revealed, it harmed this friendship, but Lei Jing has few friends and truly wants to keep the connections she's made despite the cold front that she puts on.


Lei Jing.JPEG
Screen Shot 2023-02-05 at 10.32.42 PM.png

Zerachiel is like a guardian angel to Nova. He's been reincarnated with her soul for a very long time and even before being awoken in Nova's lifetime, his wind has been guiding her. After Nova's angelic trials though, Zera—as Nova calls him—was awoken from his deep slumber signaling a change in times. 

Zerachiel's only goal is to aid Nova, being one of the few figures to know the truth about who she is and what she will need to do. Of course, this is frustrating to Nova, but Zera made a promise to only be a guide in her journey and cannot share the truth. Still, Nova relies heavily on him and Uriel.

"I am called Zerachiel, God's command that has long been forgotten."

   - Zerachiel to Nova


Darius Nazeri

Archangel Uriel is the angel who bonds her soul with Nova. She is secretly part of an angelic faction set on aiding Nova to her truth, and thus guides and protects Nova. Uri—as Nova calls her—is almost like a mother figure to Nova. One who is both gentle and stern. She offers Nova choices while also urging her down this decided path. 

Like Zerachiel, Uriel also will not share the truth of Nova's situation due to the fear of Darkness killing her before she can fulfill what she needs to do. Still, Nova relies on the angel, her voice a comforting one amongst the chaos. 

"There is another way, my child."

   - Uriel to Nova

Darius is someone Nova looks up to. As he is both active within the clan and an Undivided, it's something she aspired to be. Darius is quite hard on Nova, regularly calling her weak and a princess. It builds this sense of proving herself to him, which she does and he recognizes it after Nova spars with the first-years. 

Like Lance, Darius is also housing an angel that is part of the angel faction meant to guide Nova. 


Theo Bishop


Theo is just a cocky kid to Nova at the start of Blood of the Lotus. While a Bishop like Adrian, Theo can't compare and Nova uses that against him during their sparring session. 

Nova only did what she was told to do, and while she was angry that he pulled a knife on her, she never expected he'd end up giving up his life as a hunter for someone like Camus. This makes her very regretful of what happened and she finds herself culpable in his decision. 

"I hope you'll be joining us on Monday's full moon patrol. I'd like to see you against a real demon."

   - Darius to Nova

"Ready, Little Bishop?"

   - Nova to Theo


Remembrance is a strange, guiding voice that appears to Nova before she's even bonded with the angels. She shows Nova how to call forth Kioren and gives Nova her light to use in dire situations. 

However, as seen in the exclusive prologue for Blood of the Lotus, Remembrance has her own goals and will use Nova to meet them.

"Kioren will protect you, as only you can speak its name, hear it called."

   - Remembrance to Nova

Dark Rocks

"I am the King. The Savior. The Holy. Fail to heed my warning, and it will not just be you in pain my dear."

   - Darkness to Nova

Darkness is an enemy to Nova. He is the voice, the being, inside her mind controlling the black vines and promising her demise. He is a constant threat she is terrified of, as she can't escape or stop his appearance. To make matters worse, she's never seen him. There is no face to her enemy, just the sound of his omniscient words. 

And she's playing right into his hand.


  • KiorenThe angelic artifact in the form of a silver bracelet with a black gem that Nova steals from her father's library office and is able to call forth.

  • Ruby Necklace - Given to Nova by Rishu as a way to free her from the Fandera Estate and be brought to him and Amon.

  • Necklace - The second necklace Rishu gives Nova. This one per an added clause in her contract with Amon to hide the angelic tattoos on her neck as long as she wears the necklace.

  • The Eternal Keeper - The book detailing her true origins, given to her by Solomon when she returned to the Fandera Estate.


Nova is a mid-19th-century name originally denoting a newly discovered or newly visible star or nebula. It comes from the Latin, feminine novus meaning 'new'.

It is later discovered that Solomon gave this name to signify a new beginning, a new hope, to right the wrongs of his father and the fathers before him.

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